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Company culture

Shandong  Mingyue Foodstuffs Co., Ltd. is located in Rizhao,  invested by MFD (Hong Kong) Group Limited in 2002. The company is a set of agriculture, industry, trade as one of the comprehensive production and export enterprises. The company has a variety of raw material planting, primary processing base, professional, scientific, safe products, excellent service quality for different countries and regions to provide quality services.

Shandong Mingyue Foodstuffs

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+86 633 8351266  

Company culture

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Enterprise tenet:
Put quality and customer first, abide by contracts,struggle corporately, develop innovatively.
Enterprise concept:
Seek benefit through management, seek survival through quality, seek development through reputation.
Enterprise spirit:
Integrity and diligence, practicability and innovation.
Enterprise aim:
Innovate practically, seek increasing perfection, supply more and better products to people of countries all over the world, make new contributions for promoting the prosperity and development of local economy, strive for building international first-class food enterprise,strengthening national industry,improving human’s living quality and building a harmonious society.
Enterprise core values:
Make staff successful, return customers,make contributions to society,benefit mankind.
Policy of safe production:
Put safety and prevention at the first place, govern comprehensively.
Aim of safe production: no risk, no violation, no accident.
Policy of occupational health and safety:
Put people first, put safety first, observe regulations and discipline, check erroneous ideas at the outset,sound the alarm bell, build harmony together.
Aim of occupational health and safety: put an end to major casualties and accident of electric shock, rate of employment with certificates for special work post is 100%.
Quality policy:
Integrity, pragmatic innovation and progress
Health, safety and quality of life
Quality aim:
The qualification rate of products is 100%, the inspection qualification rate is 100%, customer satisfaction rate is not less than 98%, customer satisfaction rate increases by 0.5% every year within three years.
Policy of environmental protection:
Protect environment, benefit mankind, save energy and reduce emission, benefit nation and people, live by low-carbon style, develop continuously, make China and Mingyue  beautiful.
Aim of environmental protection:
Meet the national standard for controlling pollution sources, meet standard for pollutant discharge, meet national and industrial safety and sanitation standard for the monitoring and governance of hazardous gases dusts and noises in workplace, put an end to pollution accidents.
Activity manifesto:
Participate totally, practice 9S, fulfill duties, standardize management, insist continuously, struggle vigorously, form a habit, promote quality, develop rapidly, gather momentum.
“A pet is a member of the family,The people is the foundation of a country, people regard food as their prime want, food must be safe first.”
Shandong Mingyue Foodstuffs Co Ltd promise seriously:
1.Observe professional ethics, produce and sell safe foods.
Make sure “ be proud of honesty and trustworthiness, be ashamed of venality”and reflect it in enterprise decision, enterprise management and enterprise production, produce and sell trustworthy foods for customers.
2.Observe laws and regulations, accept social supervision.
In the process of production and operation of our enterprise, consciously observe state laws and regulations, consciously accept the supervision of government monitoring department and customers, publish standards of enterprise’s product quality and service quality to society, put processes of enterprise’s production and operation under the supervision of customers.
3.Strictly operate and manage enterprise, ensure product quality.
Possess production environment and production technical facilities which can guarantee food quality, make sure that various links for producing and selling foods conform to national standard, make sure that food quality meets the requirements of people’s life safety and health.
4.Strictly control material’s quality, put an end to food contamination
Make sure that raw materials and additives which are used for producing foods conform to national’s standard, strictly execute purchasing and supplying policies of raw materials and auxiliary materials, make sure that foods are clean, safe, non-poisonous, harmless and conform to sanitary standard in the process of food packing, transportation and storage.
5.Improve service system, be responsible to the end.
Draw up and perfect emergency response plan and recall system for food safety incidents. For example, if there is food quality problem, promptly take effective measures to remedy the problem and actively undertake corresponding legal responsibility. Establish and perfect after-sales service, compensate customer’s loss according to law, really protect consumer’s legitimate rights and interests.